Events in Denmark and Norway Dedicated to the 102nd Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide


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On the 24th of April 2017 an event dedicated to the 102nd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide took place in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, accompanied by a Holy Mass and with the participation of the Gurdjieff Ensemble. The event took place in the Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen where Dainsh humanist Maria Jacobsen, who saved numerous Armenian orphans, had sent her prayer before leaving for the Ottoman Empire. The concert was preceded by a liturgy by Father Stepanos Hovhannisyan dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

After the Holy Mass, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Denmark held a speech. He, particularly, talked about Maria Jacobsen, mentioning that on the day of the commemoration of the victims of the Genocide a tribute is paid also to those who contributed to the establishment of justice, those who were martyred while saving others’ lives, as well as all those who today, too, contribute to the establishment of justice and elimination of the denialist politics.

Ambassador Aghajanyan also cited the words of the Ambassador of Denmark in the Ottoman Empire in the years of 1914-1920, Carl Ellis Wandel, who, describing the situation in Turkey in that period, had pointed out that the Christian world would have later regretted what happened to Armenians. The Ambassador also read a citation from a Danish soldier, Heinrich Jessen, who served in the Ottoman Empire, in Mosul and who had witnessed the second phase of the Armenian Genocide, when the survivors of the massacres were held in concentration camps, sold as slaves and murdered. Also, the words of the Danish orientalist Johannes Ostrup were read about his meeting in 1910 with the Minister of Internal Affairs Taleat Pasha where the latter had noted that there was an incompatibility between Turks and Armenians, which could not be eliminated in a peaceful way.

Ambassador Aghajanyan also noted that the number of Danes providing witness statements about the Armenian Genocide is endless, which also proves the humanism of the Danish people.
The Ambassador’s speech was followed by the concert of the internationally-acclaimed Gurdjieff Ensemble.

Representatives of the Danish political and social circles, diplomatic corps, Armenian community and numerous Danes attended the ceremony.

In several cities in Norway, too, different events were held on the occasion of the 102nd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
In Oslo, numerous Armenians and a number of friends of Armenia visited the grave of the Norwegian scientist and humanist Fridtjof Nansen, who had assisted many Armenians in the years of the Armenian Genocide. They put flowers on his grave and paid tribute to him.

Many Armenians and friends of Armenia, representatives of the Council of the Armenian Apostolic Church Society in Norway, as well as the Mayor of Kragerø, Jone Blikra, took part in the event in Kragerø, at the memorial of Bodil Biørn, to pay tribute to this humanist, the Norwegian missionary and witness of the Armenian Genocide who saved numerous Armenian orphans. The Mayor of Kragerø also held a speech at the event.

A commemorative ceremony for the victims of the Genocide took place also in Bergen, where Armenians and friends of Armenia were present at the event at the Armenian cross-stone, held speeches and paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

(The photos are the courtesy of Vartan Yepremian)

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