The screening of Arnaud Khayadjanian’s “Stony Paths” in Copenhagen


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On November 19 the Danish Film Institute, jointly with the Armenian Embassy in Denmark, organised the screening of the French film maker Arnaud Khayadjanian’s movie “Stony paths” in Copenhagen. The event took place in the framework of the annual “East by Southeast” film festival organised by the Danish Film Institute (Cinemateket - Det Danske Filminstitut).

The movie is the story of a journey across Anatolia. Arnaud Khayadjanian starts it in Turkey, on the land of his ancestors who survived the Armenian Genocide. Starting from a painting, encounters and accounts by his relatives, he goes on exploring the little-known issue of the Righteous- all those anonymous people who saved Armenian lives in 1915.

During his speech given prior to the movie screening, Ambassador Hrachya Aghajanyan noted that it is very important for young Armenians around the world not to forget their history and always return to their roots, a vivid example of which is the author’s pilgrimage to his ancestors’ birthplace in Western Armenia.

Ambassador Aghajanyan also referred to the screenings of the movies ”The map of salvation” (2015) and "Nahapet” (1977) organised in 2015 and expressed his gratitude to the Film Institute for continuously including Armenian authors’ movies in the film list.

The programme editor of the Danish Film Institute, Jesper Andersen, in his turn noted that the decision of including the movie in the festival’s list is due to the author’s unique style, as well as its reference to and reminder of the Armenian Genocide.

After the movie screening the many spectators had an opportunity to address their questions to the author of the movie.

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